Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Those toes!

 I've been a busy this week with Dancercise, running after wet dogs and cats, and preparing for a road trip to meet a surprise person that I almost forgot to post this! On Monday I went and got an awesome pedicure by the talented and magic-handed Miriam! She tamed my barking dogs and made them into beautiful polished poodles! I always love driving to her salon because I get to go through Mass Ave and always get tempted by Flying Cupcakes (those cupcakes are going to my excuse one day when I blow up like a balloon). Like I said earlier this Friday I am leaving to Kentucky to meet some people that I have never met before and although I don't recommend this for any other situation than mine, I am stoked! It's a surprise and I can't wait to reveal it to you guys soon! Tonight I am going to Miriam's salons birthday party and can't wait for the relaxation and fun to begin! 
xoxo, Jjanga!

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  1. interesting with the crackle nail polish on the toes, looks like for ice princess hee. hmm meeting people you never met before, not sure why but i am curious, have fun!


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