Monday, May 7, 2012


So I know some of you have been curious as to what my road trip to what I for some reason thought was to Kentucky, but was actually to Tennessee, was all about. Well it was a huge shock and deal to me because for the first time in eighteen years I met my father and my side of his family. I don't wan to go to into great detail as to what happened but I was seperated when I was a little child from him through my parents divorce. Just earlier this year I had felt this weird sense that I should start searching for him again and found him comes the surprise...FACEBOOK! Can you believe that?! It was such a shock for me and a rush of so many emotions I could barely contain myself. So since then we had talked through Skype and finally planned to meet last weekend. The six hour drive to and from was completely worth it and I had the time of my life meeting my other half of my family. It's so amazing how much we have in common and our similarities were endless! Nonetheless I had an amazing time with my father and the rest of my great family, even their little doxie was the sweetest thing! Oh and can I say the steak that I feasted on that weekend was the size of my face and was cooked for a Queen! I can't wait to go back and see them again and I just couldn't wait to share this with you, it's been hard keeping this secret!
xoxo, Jjanga


  1. aw i am so happy for you and that you could find your dad, even though i fight with my mom and dad sometimes, i couldn't imagine not knowing them, so this is so great for you. those steaks are ginormous lol.

  2. Oh princess it was the best time I have ever had to finally be back with you, I did not want to let go on Sunday, but the pictures are here to remind me. I love you Kimberly Anne

  3. I love to read or hear about stories like this. Thank you for sharing. I'm very happy for you :)


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