Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

 The idea of waking up in the late morning to my four babies is such a great thing and even better since it's real! Seeing Rooster in the mornings is such a cute thing all sprawled out on his sofa like he is the king of the castle. I swear Fredo and Sonny are whipped by him, they won't mess with Rooster at all and it's kinda cute! Today was such a beautiful day I couldn't resist but to take some outfit photos outdoors in my backyard! This backyard is everything I could ask for, it's just so serene and full of life to me. My daily ritual of drinking tea and reading my book in this scenery couldn't be any better! The only thing I wish didn't happen to my backyard is the fact that Fredo decided to dig a hole on one side of the house because he likes to lay in it when he gets too warm I suppose. 
Jean shirt: Goodwill
High-waisted jean shorts: Goodwill
Feather necklace: Forever 21
Black tights: Target
Brown Knot Flats: Target

xoxo, Jjanga!


  1. Cute outfit :) Your cat in the first picture is just meant to model :P

    1. Isn't he? I swear he loves the camera, plus he is just too handsome to be a house cat haha.

      xoxo, Jjanga

  2. aw kittie so cute. seems like pretty comfy outfit to me and nice mix of two jean washes. book and tea in the morning sounds fabulous


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